Thursday, August 30, 2012

Re-branded return

Hello readers,

First of all, thanks for tuning in again! I know I've been a little MIA over the last four months. Truth is I've been extremely busy trying to build my portfolio this summer as a Media Relations Intern for a local business, that my own social media has fallen by the wayside. But now I'm back at school where blogging is a requirement, so I'll be posting here weekly again much to my content!

Upon my return, this blog is going to undergo a little re-branding becoming more focused, more niche, and more exciting! A lot of the post I've done in the past year have been focused on Journalism and PR, as these two media areas never fail to intrigue me.

Daynasdish will still be a blog on media discussion, with a slight twist. I've chosen to major in Public Relations in my college Communications Program, so I'm going to veer a little away from Journalism and focus more on PR. I'm going to focus what's happening out in the real world that center around PR: why is a product gaining attention over and over again, how should a politician recover from a verbal faux-pas, and how a campaign can be most successful, as well as many other things.

This blog is written by a twenty-something girl as she studies Public Relations in school, and how she sees things. So follow along as I interpret PR initiatives, examine their success and throw in some ideas of how I would handle such situations. I'd love for you to participate in the discussion, challenge my ideas, and also collaborate with me as I figure out this thing called Public Relations!

Stay posted for blog updates every Friday!