Thursday, June 13, 2013

smartphone blues

Every time I begin a new job, I'm scared to touch my smartphone.

Will the employer think I'm unproductive? Will the employer think I'm playing games all day? Will they think I'm unmotivated?

In reality, neither of these are the case.

I'm educated and work in the communications industry. It's a fast-paced industry that requires you to respond to notifications quickly and accurately whether at work or at home. It's also an industry where PRs need to seem credible - part of which involves maintaining your personal, online brand.

Everyday, I come across a lot of industry information I'd like to share via social media. My fingers begin to twitch as I stare at my smartphone on my desk that I don't dare touch. Although it's not the end of the world, my social media audience has just missed out. On top of that, my feeds are inactive during the eight-hour work day, and I look like a disinterested slacker.

I'm trying to build my social media audience while working full-time in the industry. More importantly, I'm trying to build my rep as a information provider, a person who is sought out on social media for sharing valuable content.

Of course, the easiest way to post is using my smartphone. Even though it takes two seconds to post on social media sites, I fear I will look like a bad employee if I'm "caught" doing this. Oh the crime!

So where do we draw the line? Should you be able to use your smartphone three months after hire? A year? Or should we be able to do this at all?

I'm a hard worker and I always have been. I also love working in this industry. If I were to use my smartphone at work, it would be for productive reasons. (For the record, my employers are great. I'm speaking in regards to a social acceptance of smartphone use.)

I'm curious to know when or if employers in the communications industry will change their views of using smartphones during work hours. After all, isn't the best employee one who can multitask, finish their job on time and well, all while being viewed as a credible professional in the online world?

I'm not sure when or if this smartphone-acceptance culture will change. So for now, I'll ignore that "buzz" my smartphone just made.

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