Wednesday, June 12, 2013

We want a batter, not a Twitter blabber

Former Cubs infielder Ian Stewart may not be playing in The Show, but he's certainly in the spotlight.

Stewart has spent most of this baseball season playing in the minor leagues due to injuries. A fan tweeted at Stewart asking when the Cubs were going to resign him. Stewart responded "Probably never" and later "They might as well release since I have no shot of a call up...let me sign elsewhere".

Nothing like spilling your secrets to an innocent fan. And the Twitterverse.

Stewart continued his Twitter fury, re-tweeting someone who said the Cubs had "terrible leadership" and said he didn't think the Cubs manager liked him.

It's obvious you shouldn't criticize the organization you work for publicly...especially on a social network such as Twitter where your words can be re-tweeted many times over. The Cubs team President Theo Epstein worked some PR magic by releasing Stewart and wishing him the best.

Despite some Twitter and rep damage, Stewart can find some comfort with the fact his release earns him an almost $2 million dollar pay off. His actions may set a bad example for his teammates, but Stewart should cross his fingers hoping the PR Department of his next Major League team welcomes him.

But then again, it's likely how he plays that truly matters in the end.

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